Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Age "Kabbalists"


It seems as if everyone is calling himself a KABBALIST these days. Everyone learning a few pages or concepts from the ZOHAR or the history of Kabbalah suddenly becomes a Kabbalist. No doubt that this kind of "Profession" attracts plenty of people and can gain you lots of profits. As soon as you are a Kabbalist, giving lectures or presenting some books, cash is floating in. There are millions of people out there interested in Kabbalah and Yehuda Berg already showed you how to improve your standard of living. So, be a Kabbalist even if you have no clue about the meaning of Kabbalah. Cheat people, as those who call themselves Kabbalists are cheaters. 

Any learned and well – respected Rabbi would never call himself by that name although they mostly do have some knowledge in Kabbalah. I find it an amazing how the self – appointed Kabbalists can get away with their claim but today, people want quick answers provided by the Kabbalah. If you mumble "Abracadabra", many people already consider you a Kabbalist.

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