Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dream and Reality before Rosh Hashana


The month of ELUL has started and all of us should be involved in Teshuva. Prayer, Tehillim or, at least, a bit of Cheshbon Nefesh. However, the truth is that, despite all our great intentions and good will, we are still pushing everything aside by thinking: "Well, we've still got time and the Ashkenazi Selichot haven't even begun !" 

I found a great picture in a haredi forum reminding us of reality. 

The first picture on the right: "How my mother thinks we should spend the time before the high holidays". - Cleaning.

The second second picture (top left): "How my Rabbi thinks I should spend the time before the high holidays". - Studying Torah.

Bottom row, right photo: "How I think spending the time before the Chagim". - Traveling.

Bottom row, left photo: "Here is how I really spend my time before the upcoming Chagim". - Asleep. Well, not always but many times this is true. 

Where do you fit in ?

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