Sunday, February 14, 2010

Achmadinejad can go to Hell


Former Sephardi Chief Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef gave his Purim speech and compared the Purim story to Iran's dictator Achmadinejad. Actually Achmadinejad is the perfect Haman comparison !
Rabbi Yosef thinks the same way and calls Mahmoud Achmadinejad the "Haman of our generation and he can go to hell".

Furthermore Rabbi Yosef mocked the Ashkenazi way of reading the Torah. Israeli Sepharadim love to call Ashkenazi Jews "Ashkentoizim"; referring to the pronouncation of "oi, oi". I see that as rather funny and I am sure that the Rabbi is right by saying that the Ashkenazi way is wrong. Nevertheless, I am not sure if the Sephardi pronounciation is so perfect either.

I avoid using the words "Shvuos", "Sha'alei Shudos" or "Sukkot".
This pronounciation drives me nuts and, as an Israeli, I consider it as stupid. It just sounds wrong !


  1. al titoish mitoiras emeichu...who are we to say that our havoreh is not as correct as the sfardim? besides, even amongst themselves (ie teimani, maghrebi) there are differenes in pronunciation.

    and just for authenticity's sake, the proper pronunciation is (in order of listing) "Shveeis, shalasheedes, and sikkes" :)

  2. B"H

    I simply dn't think that Avraham and Moshe said OI OI OI !!! :-)

  3. B"H

    When you look at Israeli society today - my experience is that more Sepharadim pick on Ashkenazim than vice versa.

    It used to be different and when Sepharadim went to Ashkenazi Yeshivot, they were forced to pray separately because the Ashkenazim felt superior. This kind of behaviour was never forgotten by the Sepharadim.

    In haredi circles it is a kind of blemish when a Sephardic Jew marries an Ashkenazic Jew. Especially in Ashkenazi society.
    The chassidic group Toldot Aharon, for instance, only marries off their own outsiders (born into TA) to Sephardi members.

    The language sometimes does sound the same. When you listen to some chassidic Rabbis making Kiddush the pronounciation sounds Yemenite.:-)