Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Jerusalem Tram is NOT Kosher !


Officially, the Jerusalem tram was supposed to start running in spring 2011. However, this date has been delayed again due to the stuck (mess) in construction work. Everyone is waiting to see if the tram is ever going to run. So far, it has cost the municipality unbelievable sums of money. Money which the poor could have received and not an unnecessary tram and bridge.

If we ever ride on that tram, the price for a ticket will be incredible high. I assume 7 - 8 Shekels, at least. However, the tram hasn't been running yet and some parts of the haredi population already go wild. Not because of the costs but because of the missing Zniut (modesty). The new tram would not be kosher (men and women are not separated) and therefore, we (the Haredim) won't use the tram.

Today, the tram is running on a trial period. Only men may be "on board" making the tram kosher. The tram is definitely an event in Jerusalem but, as far as I am concerned, too much for Jerusalem.

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