Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Donations or Justice ?


Without referring to any present cases or incidents, I am asking the question whether it is more important to keep quiet about negative behaviour of Rabbis or Jewish institution / organizations in order to ensure the donation flow or if the public has the right to know and judge for itself ? Especially when it comes to criminal acts.

I am surprised about the amount of e - mail responses to this blog. First of all, English is not what you would call my mother tongue, and secondly, there are other blogs around which may be more professional.:-)

However, some readers advise me in their e - mails to rather keep quiet about a known Rabbi, institution or organization. Otherwise I would destroy their donations. Basically the person in question would be a great Zaddik. Well, he / she has his / her faults and Yetzers (Yetzer HaRah) but, why not just leaving the subject and, instead, concentrating on the positive sides. Why awaken suspicion and causing the Rabbanut (Chief Rabbinate) or authorities to act ?

Personally I think that the public has a right to know with whom people are dealing. And what about victims, if there are any ? Don't they have a right to be heard ? Especially when it comes to warn others who may be running into the same trap.

As a matter of fact, everyone needs donations nowadays. Nevertheless, whoever (no matter if Rabbi or organization) acts in a negative way, it is not the fault of the public or the person reporting about the issue; as soon as someone acts in a negative manner, he has to expect the consequences and not blame others.

Almost a year ago I had one incident where someone accused me by e - mail (in the worst rude way) of destroying someone's donations. Later on I found out that this guy accusing me is in charge of those donations. Not only that but he is charging the person he is collecting for a huge percentage of the incoming donations. By writing and accusing me he wanted to ensure HIS own income and not necessarily the actual donations.

Money or justice ?

Each of us has to decide what his more important for him !


  1. Money or justice? Always justice! Thugs, cheaters or molesters are thugs, cheaters or molesters even if they wear streimls, have beards and pretend to be frum yeshiva folks or chasidish.

  2. Justice! Those that steal and conduct themselves in such a manner do not deserve the donations. One could rather use the money to just causes.

    Being a frum Yid is not only on the outside but also the inside. Please keep on posting and exposing these gangsters.