Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Does Leonardo Di Caprio intermarry ?


European and Israeli papers have been announcing that Leonardo Di Caprio may marry the Israeli top model Bar Rafaeli. The two have been together for a couple of years.

It just looks like a new intermarriage is coming up, as Di Caprio is not Jewish. Some time ago, there was a rumour that he may convert to Judaism but who can imagine Leo keeping Mitzvot ? The conversion would rather be Reform and thus no real halachic conversion.

Intermarriage always includes tragedy. Usually the parents follow their own personal interests and don't think of later children and their identity. As I said many times before: Jews and Gentiles have different tasks in this world and were created this way. By marrying a non - Jew, a Jew is giving up his identity and many times taking over the customs of the non - Jew. Quite often I heard that many of those "weddings" are being celebrated on Shabbat. Intermarrying on Shabbat ?
Jews don't marry on Shabbat, as a marriage is a contract and making contract is forbidden on the day of rest.

When it comes to a Jewish identity, the non - Jewish partner often tries to keep it away from the Jewish partner. "You don't need that anymore !"
Terrible reactions against the customs against the Jew when it comes to Pessach or other Jewish topics.

Before anyone intermarries, he should definitely speak to an appropriate Orthodox Rabbi. Even if he is not religious. Our ancestors kept their Jewish heritage like a treasure and even during the Holocaust Jews even died for their belief. And today someone is just coming and ready to throw everything away just because he or she sees a "sexy" Gentile ? 


  1. Well, in my opinion Bar Rafaeli is the most beautiful, sexy woman alive on this planet and if she wanted to marry me I would have no objections at all, Jewish or not.

    Respecting your beliefs and opinions.


  2. I think it's true that she married a close family friend and got divorced soon afterwards to evade IDF service.

    What does the Torah say about remarrying after divorce?

  3. B"H

    The mistake men make is to think of the HERE and NOW.:-)))

    What if Bar Rafaeli is getting older and becoming fat or wrinkled ? Then what ?

    Of course, someone shouldn't be that ugly but I would prefer a guy with a brain as well !!!!

    One can get divorced and is allowed to remarry. After a certain time. Actually the man earlier than the woman because the woman somehow has to proof that she is not pregnant from her divorced husband.

    However, both divorcees can only marry each other again if none of them has, in the meantime, been married to someone else.

  4. Sometimes intermarriage isn't about lust. My friends and I attempted for many years to marry Jewish but there was no help forthcoming from the community in which we lived (St. Louis, MO.), and after a while we started looking for relationshups on our own. With Jews only 2% of the metro area, is it any surprise that we ended up dating shiksas?

  5. B"H

    The same argument I once heard from a brother of a handicapped Jew. The Handicapped was not able to find a Jewish girl and eventually ended up in marrying a Schickse.

    I don't know what to say. Maybe JDATE or some friends or rabbis would be of some help. By introducing you to someone else or being prepared to move. At least looking in other parts of the country and maybe someone may be prepared to move. In case of marriage.

  6. Thanks for your reply Miriam.

    All I am really saying in a light hearted way is that I could make an exception for HER! and nobody is saying she doesn't have brains as well!!

    And in reply to the other message posted, in my opinion yes it's very difficult if there are no jews where you live. Not everyone can just go and live somewhere else to find a jew to marry or marry the only elegible jew in the area even though they may be old, ugly, dirty, bad or whatever! just because they are a jew. If you were brought up in a non-jewish area (or country or whatever) you are bound to fall in love (not necessarily lust) with someone you have close. Later you may regret it or it could be the other way round and you marry the only jew in the area and wish you had followed your heart...

    Love is a hard thing to controll, especially if you are not VERY religious.

  7. She is hardly Jewish except by accident of birth. She avoids the IDF by cheating, same with paying taxes. She really wants nothing to do with Israel unless it can further her career. If she does have kids they will be rich but with little or no substance. And yes, she is pretty, but morally bankrupt.

  8. B"H

    @ David

    You could regret any marriage.:-)

    The challenge is to find the right partner and already the Torah tells us to look for someone Jewish. No matter how.:-) Many many Jews actually do this via Internet these days.

    It is true that Bar Rafaeli has severe problems with the Israeli tax authorities. Rafaeli claimed that the spends most of her time throughout the year in the United States but this was proven wrong. She obviously claimed the same to the tax authorities in the US and didn't pay taxes anywhere.

    I don't think she is that pretty because she is blond. :-))))

  9. As a footnote here are some statistics taken from this web page:


    * 54 percent of American Jews today marry non-Jews
    * 33 percent of currently wed American Jews are intermarried
    * 33 percent of intermarried couples are raising their children to be Jewish


  10. When I began dating my Rov said to me

    "If you are going on looks, just know you are buying stocks which can only go down"

    lol, i love that

  11. B"H

    Those figures are ver well known and the same applies to England.
    I have met many children of those mixed marriages in Jerusalem and most of them were quite confused about their identity. Some came to Israel and started Yeshiva. Coming from a US Reform community where children from mixed marriages (when the mother is not Jewish) are accepted, they suddenly found out that in Orthodox circles they are not Jewish at all. Those children had to convert to Judaism and were very angry with their parents.

    It is as I said:
    Mainly men concentrate on the present beauty of a woman.:-)))
    But whan wehn she is getting older ? Over 30, becoming "fat" and wrinkled ?

    The worst is when you, as a Jew, speak about your heritage and the non - Jewish partner says: "Well, you don't need this anymore !"

    See it from this point of view:
    A Jewish soul and a Gentile soul doesn't fit together. No matter what you do.