Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Month of ADAR and its SIMCHA

משנכנס אדר מרבין בשמחה

It is a Mitzvah for the Jews to be joyful during the month of ADAR !

Talmud Ta'anit 29a


In about a week from now, we are entering the Jewish month of ADAR !

The Gemara in Talmud Ta'anit urges us to increase our joy during the month of Adar. Our forefathers participated enthusiastically in the donation of the half - shekel coin for the Temple. The giving of gifts to the poor is closely associated with Purim; however, the joyous donations to the Beit HaMikdash (Temple) do also play a role in the month of Adar.

Furthermore, Adar stand for UNITY among the Jews ! When Esther called for the famous fast, all Jews participated in order to avoid their extermination. Finally the Jews in Babylon were united and it was then when they really accepted the Torah, as stated in the Talmud (Tractate Shabbat).

The Gemara in Ta'anit 29a discusses the joy we reduce in the month of Av due to the destruction of both Tempels. On the other hand, the same Gemara teaches us to increase our joy in the month of Adar because our ancestors gave collective donations of half - shekels in order to built / repair the Temple. Once the spirit of Adar enters the Jew's psyche, it penetrates every part of his being and he is filled with joy.

I can just confirm that teaching ! Lets admit: Somehow the story of Esther and the Jews in Babylon does give us hope. The realizations that there are better times for the Jews. Times when G - d is completely on our side and times when we will be united and thus be a stronghold over the nations. When we finally realize our heritage and not letting ourselves getting influenced by the outside world or the nations.


"Days of Joy" by the Sefat Emet
 Anthologized and Adapted by Rabbi Yosef Stern

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