Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why Doesn’t Judaism Accept the Christian Messiah?


Usually I don't recommend too many books. In case I do, I mostly mention the well - known original authors / topics such as Rashi, Mussar or chassidic issues. With Rabbi Tuvia Singer, however, I want to make an exception because his subject does concern ANYBODY. No matter what his religion is.

I have written about Tuvia Singer many times before and now his latest book came out:

HERE an ARUTZ 7 article about the book and HERE  my previous articles about Tuvia Singer !
Not everybody has to run and order the book but should have a look at my articles and / or at Singer's website.


  1. Why is the Haredi establishment silent about the Lubavitcher false messiah? Why are Lubavitcher "rabbies" or "mashgichim" accepted?

  2. B"H

    Just the opposite:

    Haredi society very much speaks out against those Lubavitchers who believe that the Rebbe is the Meshiach ! However, you always have to take into consideration that NOT all Chabadnikim believe in the Rebbe !

    I think it was the great litvishe Rav from Bnei Brak, Rabbi Schach, having a huge fight with the Lubavitcher Rebbe and Rabbi Schach said that the meat from the Lubavitchers would be treife.

    Why there are Mashgichim today ?
    I don't know.
    According to my experience you cannot always stipulate who exactly is one of the Chabad Messianics.
    Litvaks may be more careful when they see a Chabad Hechsher. Others, like those from the Edah HaCharedi to Belz only eat their own products with their Hechsherim.

    I don't know how the Rabbanut (Mehadrin) refers to Chabad Hechsherim. Nevertheless, if you don't want products with a Chabad Hechsher, you don't have to.:-)

    I have no clue if this is still the case but I know that Rabbi Landa (Landau) from Bnei Brak had (has ?) an assistant who is a Lubavitcher.

  3. Yona Metzger himself believes the Rebbe's alive and well!

  4. B"H

    I don't know because I have never heard him saying that. Metzger is litvish and I cannot imagine that he said such a thing.

    We will see because the Chabad Meshichistim claim that this year 5770, Meshiach (the Rebbe) is going to reveal himself.

    The Rebbe lived (lives) in 7 70 and we have the year 57 70. Thus, the house 770 is going to fly to Jerusalem as the Third Temple (for Meshiach). :-)))))