Thursday, February 11, 2010

The "Jewish" Kaffiyeh


So far, I haven't seen any people walking around wrapped in a Jewish Kaffiyeh but a friend of mine from the US sent me an article published in the "New York Times". Obviously the subject is a center of discussion in New York.

Should Jews wear a Kaffiyeh although the "Tichel" is an Arab custom ?

The Palestinians consider it as a sign of their resistance fighting the Zionists (Jews) but not as a symbol of terror. However, the Jewish Kaffiyeh has special patterns made of Jewish symbols.

One comment claims the following:

It's just a piece of clothing. Would it be upsetting for us to see Bin Laden in a baseball cap?

And I think the commentator is right !

Nevertheless, if you take a look into ancient history, you will probably find the first humans (at least after the Flood) walking around with such headcovers. Simply as a protection against the sun and not as a political statement. I assume that Avraham Avinu wore such a rag. Him and Lavan, the Canaanites and all the other people in the area. 

If Avraham or Moshe would come back today and walk through Mea Shearim dressed in their clothes ... Well, I would love to see that !

Moshe not wearing a Streimele and Bekishe an Schabbes ? How can that be ? 

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