Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Taking G - d for Granted


How many times do we take G - d's existence for granted ? Other totally deny Him.
We get up in the morning, maybe say a prayer (or a few prayers) and what do we do afterwards ? Breakfast and rushing through the day.

While men touch their Zizit, do they really think of G - d or is their mind wandering around somewhere else ?

In the "Shema" we say that we should ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE think of G - d but who really does so ?

Sounds too pessimistic ?

I would rather say realistic and keep on promising myself to do more but a few minutes later, life comes along and most of my promises and plans are forgotten. The sun is shining for granted and the food appears for granted. However, I know where everything is coming from and where the original source is. And this is, at least, something optimistic and thus encouraging.


  1. are you going to the chasaneh at toldos avrahom yitzhak tonight ?

  2. B"H

    No, I had to work but I may go for the Sheva Berachot on Shabbat.