Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sarah Einfeld: New Attack on the Haredi World


An Israeli haredi forum is gossiping about the latest Sarah Einfeld attack. Haredim would pretend to be so holy but secretly eat non - kosher food, rape or do I don't know what.

My personal opinion is that someone leaving haredi society should concentrate on building up his or her own new life. It goes without saying that there are problems and misbehaviours in haredi society. The same as in other societies. But why pick on the Haredim all the time ? Because Sarah has nothing else to offer ?

It is getting boring and Sarah Einfeld should take herself the Vishnitzer girl as an example !
The daughter of a Vishnitzer Knesset member left her Chassidut and now walks in pants but keeps Shabbat and has very good contact to her parents. In fact, one cannot really call her "becoming secular", as she also keeps kosher.

However, the Vishnitzer girl is doing something. Being involved in politics and trying to get her life done. On the other hand, what Sarah Einfeld does, constantly picking on the haredi world, doesn't get her anywhere.


  1. can you post a link to that article on line so i can try to google translate it? or perhaps you can briefly summarize...?

  2. Sara Einfeld has a right. There's so much corruption in the chassidishe welt. Maybe it should be exposed. From financial improprieties, the frequenting of prostitutes and dominatrixes, the sexual abuse of minors that is always covered up....maybe it should be exposed for what it is.

  3. B"H

    I am sorry about the quality of the scanned in article !
    I took it from a haredi forum and this is how they scanned it in. I will try finding a better quality !

    Everyone is very much aware that ther is corruption in the chassidishe society and no one denies that ! This is well - known and even the Haredim in the forum admitted that. No question about it !

    However, Sarah needs to continue in life. With her own life.
    She cannot always say how bad haredi society is. People are getting bored because, as soon as they hear Sarah's name, they already know what follows.

    Sarah cannot change society. Especially not from the outside !
    Fine when she is talking about the issue but it is always the same.

    If she was clever she would write a book NOW !!! Otherwise people get sick of the subject and there are so many others writing about the same subject.