Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Purim Fun is expensive


These days, parents are busying themselves with looking and buying Purim costumes for their kids. The costume should be affordable and, more or less, nice looking and easy to clean. Different stores in Jerusalem and elsewhere in the country offer costumes and, as usual, there is a huge difference between how religious children dress up for Purim and their secular counterparts.

The secular prefer combat costumes such as Superman or astronauts. Michael Jackson is very popular or the Kitty Cat among little girls. The religious prefer Queen Esther and the boys seemingly love cops and soldiers and not necessarily Michael Jackson.

I have seen quite a few kids going to Purim parties being dressed up. Other parents are still searching for cheaper costumes and when I walked into the Jerusalem store "Max Stock", I found it packed with Haredim. Litvishe guys looking through cowboys hats and the chassidische Yeshiva students love the red Turkish hat. I don't understand why but even in extreme Mea Shearim groups, you always find the Turkish hat just anywhere.

Some Mea Shearim Rabbis are not too tolerant when it comes to costumes such as Israeli soldiers or policemen. Such Zionist clothing is not always recommended but the kids don't bother. They obviously love being a soldier and having a plastic gun to shoot with.

The Women of Toldot Aharon

The nicest and cutes Mea Shearim costumes I have ever seen on Purim was worn by a little girl in Toldot Aharon. She must have only been two or three years old and she was dressed like her mother. As a married woman with the traditional Toldot Aharon "Yasameh" (the black Tichel).

I could wear the same but my Yiddish is %$$#$%^* and where do I get the schwarze Tichel from ?

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