Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Basya Schechter and Pharaoh's Daughter



Just recently, I published the link to the movie "Leaving the Fold" which was broadcasted in Israel about three weeks ago. The movie is about five religious Jews who left haredi world. One of the participants is a young woman from Williamsburgh / New York. She left haredi society in order to become a singer. Her name is Basya (Batya) Schechter and she performs with her band "Pharao's Daughter" in English, Yiddish and even Aramaic.

Here is an interview with Basya where she explains her art:

Basya is singing "Ih un Du (I and Thou)

If she had remained in real frum circles, she would not have made it as a singer, as a woman is not allowed to sing in public. Halacha says that a woman's voice may arouse the "Yetzer HaRah" of a man listening.

Other videos can be watched HERE !

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