Monday, February 8, 2010

Waiting for Armageddon


A new movie is coming out these days: ("Waiting for Armageddon"). The documentary describes how Evangelical Christians refer to Jews and the State of Israel. The Evangelicals are obssessed with the Land of Israel and do anything to help our country. They spend millions of Dollars in order to support our governments but for what price.
What purpose is really behind their doctrine and why is it so dangerous for Jews to accept any financial support from Christians ?

The main goal of the Evangelicals is to bring all the Jews to Israel and thus cause the second coming of the false Christian Meshiach J. But first, all Jews have to accept J. as their saviour and whoever doesn't do so will die.

Unfortunately, too many Israeli Jews accept the money from Christian organizations including the Netanyahu government. Even national religious settlements seem to like the Christian money; especially Rabbi Shlomo Riskin from Efrat.


More details HERE in the Jewish Journal !!!

This movie should alarm all Jews all over the world !


  1. Jews should be aware, that no matter how nice xtians are--it is their one objective to convert all of the Jews, thus wiping us out just as effectively as the muslims trying to convert everyone to Isalm. The xtians are an even greater danger because they are killing us with their funding and so-called kindness. I pray for all of us!

  2. lol. funny thing is ALL of your religions are fairy tales. After you all finish shooting each other up, claiming to be gods chosen people, and waiting on your various messiahs please LET THE REST OF US HAVE OUR PLANET BACK. All of you religious people should move to the same island and duke it out to your holy content.

  3. B"H

    So, should G - d move to the island as well ???