Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Anti - Missionary Congress


The national religious Yeshiva "Ateret Cohanim" is organizing an anti - missionary congress this Thursday. The public is invited and the event is starting at 10.00am in the morning. Speakers will be, among others, Rabbi Shlomo Aviner (Chief Rabbi of Beit El and Rosh Yeshiva of "Ateret Cohanim") and Rabbi Zephania Drori (Rosh Yeshivat Hesder in Kiryat Shmemona).

For many years, the national religious movement has accepted Millions of donations from fanatic Christians like the Evangelicals. Now the national religious are fed up and start asking themselves if the whole issue of accepting donations from Gentiles is against Halacha.

"The Missionary is our Enemy" - is the slogan of the congress. According to the Rabbis, the movement cannot agree accepting Christian donations and, at the same time, getting all this Christian missionaries into the country. The final goal of the Evangelicals is to bring as many Jews as possible to Israel, then trying to missionize them to Christianity in order to cause a second coming of the false "Meshiach" J.

Finally some parts of the national religious movement seem to come to the right conclusion: The missionaries don't just donate for nothing but come up with more and more demands. On the other hand, the movement (including national religious settlements in Israel) got used to Christian money. It actually is disgusting that settlements are being build with missionary money and haredi society has been criticizing the "Dati Le'umi" greed for a long time.

I would love to go to the congress but I am not sure if I will be in Jerusalem on Thursday, as I am having other plans. Among others, visiting the Tel Aviv Diaspora Museum.

However, the congress is taking place in the Arab Quarter of the Old City. Inside the "Ateret Cohanim" Yeshiva.
Time: 10am - 5pm.
Language: Hebrew

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