Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shabbat Vayakel - Pekudei in Mea Shearim


The Shabbat meal at Rabbi Machlis home was very nice. Not too many guests (only the usual 60 or 70 people) and a great atmosphere. Afterwards I went down from Maalot Dafna to Mea Shearim. First to Shmuel HaNavi Street where Chassidut Dushinsky is located but everything was quiet. You could have called it a warm summer night in the middle of March and couples were going for a walk outside. There was simply no Tish going on.

At first, I was planning to jump over to the Kaliver Rebbe or Ruzhin - Boyan but I was too tired to walk. In the end I just made it through Mea Shearim where neither the Mishkenot HaRoim, Toldot Avraham Yitzchak nor the Toldot Aharon had anything going on. At least I had a good walk after the Shabbat meal.

I spoke to an Amshinover Chassid and was told that their Rebbe was suffering a heart attack about a week ago.


  1. Is this true about the Amshinover? I haven't seen it reported anywhere

  2. B"H

    Neither have I seen it anywhere. However, the Amshinover Chassid I asked about a Tish in Amshinov (Beit Vagan) told me that the Rebbe suffered from a heart attack a week ago. I was told this last Friday at Rabbi Machlises' house and the Chassid is a son - in - law of Rabbi Machlis. I don't think that he was joking or making it up !

    Maybe it was "just" a slight heart attack because the Chassid added that in another month or so the Rebbe may continue his Tishes.

  3. I remembered seeing an article about the Rebbe having a heart attack the other week on YWN and I went back to the website and was able to find it:

    I hope that the Rebbe is doing better.

  4. B"H

    @ SPG

    Thanks for all the information !