Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where were the Forefathers buried ?


You may call me a heretic but, nevertheless, I don't think that every Kever (grave) of one of our forefathers is really his / her grave. I have strong doubts whether today's grave of Aharon (Moshe's brother) in Jordan, the grave of Yosef in Shechem (Nablus) or the grave of Rachel (Immenu - our foremother) are the authentic graves. How do we know the exact locations after
thousands of years ?

What if Kever Rachel (Rachel's grave) is a few kilometres further away or even many miles ? How are we supposed to know where Aharon is buried ?

I heard that a Jordanian Arab is in charge of Aharon's grave. Once you get there you have to rent a donkey and climb up a mountain. If the Arab on top is in the mood or you are willing to bribe him, he may show you Aharon's grave.

The truth we will only find out when the resurrection of the death is going to take place. 
What a surprise when some woman is jumping out of Rachel's grave and Rachel is getting up at a completely location.:-)

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  1. we can almost be sure that the Kevarim of the Avot are really theirs because our tradition is also confirmed by the older Arab traditions. Many graves discovered by the Arizal are confirmed by very old Muslim traditions also. If we had only the Jewish tradition, we could indeed have doubted the veracity of this tradition, but it is supported by another tradition that the Jewish tradition, and we know for sure that for centuries, Muslims also gathered on those graves they considered sacred tombs.