Sunday, March 21, 2010

Picture of the Day

Anyone making Aliyah should learn HEBREW in order to communicate in this language and become a REAL Israeli !


  1. B"H

    A funny comment I have to say.:-)

    With "speaking Hebrew" I meant those Anglos making Aliyah who either refuse to learn Henrew because they think that everybody knows English anyway or those who don't make any effort for whatever reason.

    I didn't think about Zionism at all.:-)

  2. To Anonymous 10:09: What about those Yiden who live in the US and don´t speak english? Are they perhaps Zionist who just are on travel through the US on their way to Eretz?

  3. Richard, chill, it was a joke, which Miriam seem to get and you missed.

    If you paid attention to the blog you would notice that Miriam is a Toldos Aharon addict, and telling new folk to eretz yisroel to speak Ivrit, isn't exactly their style.

  4. B"H

    A Toldot Aharon addict ?

    Well, maybe but I wouldn't join !!!
    No way ! This is not for me.:-)

    Nevertheless, they as well as Satmar in israel know Hebrew better than me and don't have a foreign accent.:-)))

    What I wanted to express with the picture is that anyone making Aliyah to Israel should learn Hebrew and not, as many Anglos love to do, expect that, because of you, everyone will just change into English !

  5. Just for the record: I was not serious about the Yiden in the US either.

  6. B"H

    I had expected that the comment calling me "Zionist" comes from Satmar.:-)