Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Kasher Le'Pessach" with the EDEH


Pessach is only a few weeks far away and chassidic society is already in uproar. Cleaning and planning the Seder and the food on the Chag (holiday). Especially Pessach is going to be an expensive holiday; wine, Mazzot (Shmurah or handmade) and all kinds of "Kasher Le'Pessach" groceries.

Rabbis in Mea Shearim have started giving Shiurim and Derashot (teachings on Shabbat) about what to eat. Many products the Israeli Chief Rabbinate (Rabbanut) considers as "Kasher Le'Pessach", Israel's Badatzim (Batei Din Zedek from Chassidut Belz or the Edah HaCharedit) do not. Even milk may contain Chametz.

All those kashrut laws for Pessach are extremely complicated in practice. Who can tell what a food product contains and if there is the slightest suspicion of Chametz ? Even dishwashing soap and dog food have to be kosher for Passover.

The Mashgichim of Chassidut Belz (Machzikei HaDaat) would surely oppose it but many Chassidim put all their trust into the Edeh (Edah HaCharedit) Hechsher (kosher certificate). The dispute between the two Badatzim is mainly political, however, each of them claims to be better than the other one. Nevertheless, Mea Shearim puts all its trust into the Edeh because their checked food is supposed to be more kosher than kosher.

I don't know in whom to trust. According to a Mashgiach from Belz, even the Sephardi Beit Yosef Hechsher ist more trustworthy than the Rabbanut. Because I keep chassidic customs, I only eat Mazzah Shmurah during Pessach and will try keeping certain higher food standards.

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