Thursday, March 11, 2010

Events in Vishnitz & Belz


Tonight, Thursday, Chassidut Vishnitz is going to celebrate a huge event but don't ask me what exactly it is ! Some kind of a wedding in the Hager related Ernster family. I am always getting confused with these two families and a third party is, I think, the Adler family.

I am just saying: If anyone is going to be in Bnei Brak tonight, go to Kiryat Vishnitz and celebrate who knows what.:-)

Next Sunday will be a huge Bar Mitzvah celebration in Kiryat Belz / Jerusalem ! The Rebbe's grandchild (the second oldest son of the Rebbe's son Aharon Mordechai Rokeach) is having his Bar Mitzvah. Rabbi Aharon Mordechai has 11 children. Seven sons and four daughters.

Chassidut Belz is preparing for Sunday's Bar Mitzvah. The Ohel (tent) is already set up.

As you can imagine, Belz will be celebrating on all expenses. About 100,000 Dollar (500,000 Shekels) the celebration on Sunday may cost. This is what I heard and when I complained about why Belz doesn't spend the money by giving at least half of the sum to the poor (especially before Pessach) I was told that the money comes from a firm Belz fund.

Whoever wants to go, here the menu:

Fish balls or stuffed cabbage with rice.

All photos HERE !


  1. No Fleisch? At least some chicken.

  2. B"H

    The cabbage will be stuffed with meat but I don't know which kind.

    By the way, plenty of Belzers from London and Antwerp are coming for the Bar Mitzvah. They must have money. Especially now where everyone is complaining about Pessach and how much it will cost us.

  3. belz is a malchus we have the funds for it so when the king makes a simcha all go and we make it bang slam top notch!! i am english was last time this time didnt make it wish i was there p.s belz have a massice organisation for helping the poor any one who wants to contribute please do ahavas chessed!!!!!!!!