Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Updates: Toldot Aharon Book & Mea Shearim - Off - The - Derech - Girl


1. Almost two weeks ago  I found out about the real identity of the Mea Shearim girl shown in the TV report "Leaving the Fold". Shortly after, I got in touch with the production company in order to let them know that they should have published the true identity in the movie and not let the public think that she was born in Mea Shearim.
The response was that there was no response. Apparently the producers are more interested in selling / publishing the movie and a Mea Shearim girl (even when she is a fake) sells better than a Baalat Teshuva who failed.

2. I started reading Menashe Darash's book about the Toldot Aharon. In his book "The Rabbi's Daughter From Mea Shearim" (in Hebrew only), he calls Chassidut Toldot Aharon "Shomrei Torat Israel".

No wonder why the group tried its best to avoid any publication because Darash lists their internal sex Takanot concerning the wedding night. The Takanot refer to the behaviour of the groom and how he should explain the necessary details before they go to bed and start their sex Mitzvah.

I just wonder how he got hold of those Takanot. Either someone made a mistake and just gave them to him or the group must have really thought that he is planning to become a member. Otherwise no one would be allowed to know that the grooms are being taught how to have their first sex. Teaching object: A plastic doll.

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