Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mordechai was a Jew and not a Zionist !


Just recently, I got hold of a rather weird Parashat HaShavua (Parashat Parah) published by the Mea Shearim "Neturei Karta". On the back of the page there was a little box with the title "Wake Up". Unfortunately, I haven't found out which of the two Mea Shearim Neturei Karta groups is responsible for this Parasha Daf: Rabbi Yoelish Kroisz or Rabbi Israel Hirsch.

However, among others, it said in the "Awakening Box" that "Mordechai was a Jew (see Megillath Esther) and not a Ziyoini - מרדכי היה יהודי ולא ציוני".

While reading this, I was just wondering what Mordechai would have said to this statement.:-)


  1. Is Yoelish Krauss in anyway respected within the Haredi community? Reading haredi forums and messageboards most people seem to think he's a lowlife.

  2. B"H

    I am not sure about his position. He is definitely not too respected and his Neturei Karta branch has many fights with the Toldot Aharon although Kroisz was born into Toldot Aharon.