Monday, August 9, 2010

23rd Klezmer Festival in Safed


From tomorrow until Thursday, Safed is celebrating its annual Klezmer Festival. Music everywhere in the city and all concerts are for FREE !


  1. Bad planning, all he yashivah boys are starting to learn today!

    Actually, maybe its good planning..............

  2. B"H

    Not only the Yeshiva students but I have to work.:-))) Meaning I can only go this Friday.

  3. Why Do The Dates Change?

    Safed is also a very popular destination for very religious families whose lifestyle is not usually compatible with the klezmer crowd. The city, therefore, very sensibly tries to keep the two groups somewhat separate by varying the Festival dates from year to year according to the Jewish calendar. This also helps prevent the city from becoming unbearably overcrowded. Klezmer is usually either before the religious schools' main three week vacation period or afterwards. This year these school holidays are very early according to the secular calendar, even though Klezmer is actually happening on the same secular dates as last year - according to the Jewish dates it will be at the end of Av, beginning of Elul.