Monday, August 2, 2010

Against the Jerusalem Gay Parade

Actually the Jerusalem Gay Parade was one of the main subjects at my Shabbat meal in Mea Shearim. My host wanted to know if I went in order to write about the disgusting event. My answer was NO because I was in Tel Aviv on Thursday. Secondly, I would not even look at such a parade because this may give the homosexuals the feeling of "they are right". Anyone homosexual is acting against the Torah and morality ! It is just disgraceful how they always feel the urge of justifying themselves although they know their actions are wrong. 

The parade took place in the month of AV. A month where the Jews suffered from the worst tragedies.


  1. This year the Jerusalem Gay Parade took place in the month of AV because exactly one year ago 26-year old Nir Katz z"l and 17-year old Liz Troubishi z"l were murdered in the shooting attack against the Tel Aviv gay centre.

    The person behind the attack was probably someone who thought that gay people are "disgusting" and "acting against the Torah and morality".

  2. B"H

    Still, you don't have such events in Av. Not in Tel Aviv and not in Jerusalem.

    I don't agree with murdering gays but besides let me tell you that the majority of the Jerusalemites are very much against the parade.

  3. It doesn't matter what the majority of the Jerusalemites think, because Israel is a democracy and that means that the MINORITY as well as the majority has freedom of speech and freedom of assembly!

  4. B"H

    Every comment seems to include the word DEMORACY today. We Jews are in this country due to G - d and the Torah and Homosexuality is forbidden according to Torah law. Doing such a parade is slapping G -d into His "face". Why don't you hold your parade in Ramallah or Gaza ?