Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tel Aviv Central Bus Station

Daily life at Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station: The area is full of crime, prostitutes and foreign workers from the Philippines and Africa.

Photo: Miriam Woelke


  1. Looks pretty decent though. Apart from המשיח בתל אביב
    Guess he is stuck in traffic jam?

  2. Example of things that happen there: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3932046,00.html

    I wrote there:

    I always tell everyone I know not to ever go to the CBS in Tel Aviv. Once, some friends of my wife wanted to meet there and go shopping together (3 religious young women), I told my wife, NO. Meet them at Arlozorov (the train staton), go shopping at Dizengoff, fine. I said, you are NOT going to the CBS in TA.

    After showing her some news reports of what kind of things happen in that area, she understands.... I'll send her this one as well.

    So, lesson to be learned for you also, Tamar: next time, take a bus - and make it the 480. The 405 (Jerusalem CBS - Tel Aviv CBS) and the 480 (Jerusalem CBS - Tel Aviv Arlozorov / central train station) go at precisely the same frequency, same hours. At Arlozorov I never felt threatened. There are some junkies in the park there, but not usually around the bus stops.

    I call on everyone else to consider this as well. From anywhere there are buses to the Tel Aviv CBS, there are buses to Arlozorov as well. From Beer Sheva, from Modi'in, from Haifa, etc - they all stop at Arlozorov, whether the same bus (from the north usually) or a separate one (from the south usually).

    Just DON'T go to the CBS, ever.

  3. CBS in Tel Aviv is one of the weirdest places I was ever in my life. Walked right out of there to see a giant sign "World of Pork" on the building across the street.

  4. B"H

    It depends at what time during the day you are going to the Central Bus Station !!!

    Lets say, your wife is going during the day, so she would be save. After 9pm the area outside the CBS is not the savest anymore but she could still take a local bus from the inside of the Station.

    Outside I would recommend staying on Levinsky and going straight until HA'ALIYAH. In case you want to walk to the center like Allenby.

    DON'T turn from Levinsky into the park across the CBS or walk along HaShomron !!!! Then you are in the middle of little Africa and the prostitutes. And don't even think about walking from HaSHomron into Solomon.

    Arlozorov is save at any time because normal Israelis live around there and no druggies and foreign workers.

    However, I think that Israelis should have a look at the Central Bus Station and its surroundings so that they get an impression of what desaster is going on in Tel Aviv. We cannot just keep our eyes shut !