Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jewish Meditation with Chabad


There are different approaches in Jewish meditation. Breslov, for instance, has a different system than Chabad, as Breslov is meditating on G - d's names or even objects. Chabad, however, prefers meditating on Torah concepts.

I am still in Safed. One more day, as our Ascent programme added an additional free day for the meditation programme participants. The weather is really boiling hot but I am enjoying myself with a friend. We are having more classes, Ask the Rabbi with water melon, beer and ice - cream.
Further this evening, we are going to have a barbecue.

This morning we learnt a special approach to prayer. As we all know it is of extreme importance building up a connection to G - d and reach a way of Devekut (concentration) or even a union. In order to reach all this, we ma study a Torah concept first in order to clear our thoughts and only afterwards go over into prayer.

I think that this is a nice way of getting into the mood and reaching a level of concentration. Nevertheless, the question is how much time we are able to invest in prayer. I know that we shouldn't consider this question but somehow we always o. At least at different times during the week when we are busy.

Rabbi Shmuel Gavriel Tornik gave us some meditation insights at our seminar in Safed:

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