Monday, August 30, 2010

Tel Aviv by Night - Photos


Last Thursday night, I was touring through Tel Aviv in order to experience the "City which never sleeps".

Rothschild Boulevard

At the Levinsky Park / right across the new Central Bus Station. Africans and foreign workers from the Philippines play basketball and volleyball.

I found about 30 Africans sleeping on the roof of the flat building in the middle of the photos. Also at the Levinsky Park and right next to a (at this hour) closed police station.

Whoever didn't find room on the rooftop slept on the grass. This is the reality of Africans staying in Tel Aviv and it is a pity that none of the leftist politicians or citizens ever has a look but only comment from far away.

Tel Aviv has a reputation of "The city which never sleeps". However, at 1.30pm, most restaurants, bars or cafes were either closed or abandoned.
Here a cafe in Masaryk / near Ibn Gavirol.

The Municipality

Ibn Gavirol Street

Conclusion: Tel Aviv is a city which goes to sleep !!!

Photos from an almost sleepless night: Miriam Woelke

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