Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Deport all Foreign Workers from Israel !

Israel's daily YEDIOT ACHARONOT two weeks ago: Illegal Africans waiting for odd job offers in Ashdod.

Photo: Miriam Woelke


The Knesset made one of its worst decisions:
Only 400 of at least 1200 children of Israel's foreign workers from Africa, the Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, etc. are being deported into their countries of origin. Why do Israeli politicians have difficulties to face the time bomb sitting in our country?
The US, Germany or Switzerland don't make such a public fuss about their illegals but deport them immediately. Within the past few years, Israel has become the "FREYER" of the entire world. Every Gentile suffering from economical problems can just float into the Jewish state and some Jewish leftists instantly feel sorry for them.

It is not the responsibility of the Israeli government but of the foreign worker parents bringing their children into a foreign land. Although they are fully aware of the fact that their time in Israel is limited. Today you hardly see any Philippina not having a least one child or being pregnant ! This way they try to make their way in order to get a new visa.

The Knesset decision was a fatal mistake Israel will regret in the near future because we are turning into a country of Africans and Philippinas. Into a country of idol - worship loosing its Jewish identity. EVERY single Israeli who obviously cares so much about foreign workers must have a look at the Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv and the nearby Levinsky Street, Bnei Brak Street or Finn Street. In case he can do so because Israelis are not really wanted anymore in Finn Street ! Unless you dress up as an African. 

Further information HERE !

Eritrea Shop across the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station

Finn Street or LITTLE AFRICA in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Photos: Miriam Woelke

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  1. Jackass
    I am sure you will not find it appropriate to say the same, if the shoe was on the other feet.

  2. B"H

    So, have you been to Finn Street or just one of the inhabitants ?

  3. Yeah Germany has a great track record of deporting the foreign element. I am a big fan of your blog - I check it almost daily, but this post is offensive.

    Your blog could have been posted in Germany 70 years ago.

  4. B"H

    The post has nothing to do with Germany but the issue itself has become a real big problem in Israel ! The government, the people, almost everyone is fed up and wants the foreign workers out. Consider that a quarter of the Tel Aviv inhabitants already consist of foreign workers. A quarter of Tel Aviv's population.

    Every day, new foreign workers are streaming into the country. Not to mention the approx. 70 Africans crossing the border from Egypt EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    Israel doesn't need foreign workers at all but the big society problem is that Israelis became too lazy and only prefer the convenient jobs. No one wants to do the firty work as once the pioneers did when then built the country. The Arabs hate the foreign workers because they see their jobs fading away.

    Eilat, Arad and Tel Aviv have become a social time bomb and soon it is going to explode. Israel is too small to accept thousands of Gentiles who don't care about being Israeli but continueing with their old lifestyle. We have so many problems here and cannot deal with every pregnant Philippina who wants a new visa.

  5. I deal with Israeli statistics daily, in 50 years the non-Jewish/Muslim/Druze population has doubled to 6% of the population.

    The Arab population has rocketed to over 20%.

    Your post is full of unsubstantiated opinions that echo the same racist nationalism that the far right across Europe levy at Yidden.

    For your information:

    German foreigners - 9%.
    USA foreigners - 13%
    Switzerland foreigners - 8%

    The only nation that you came even close to correctly labelling was Switzerland, a nation famous throughout Europe for its far right policies... Israel is a modern democracy that has no place for old European racist ideologies that have no place in Israel or Torah.

  6. B"H

    1. The Torah is against idol - worship !

    2. When was the last time you were in Neve Sheanan in Tel Aviv ?

    3. Israel is a Jewish state. Not only a modern democracy but we have something called Torah. This is why we Jews are here.

  7. First of all you need to understand the difference between illegal immigrants (90,000), legal economic migrants (210,000) and refugees granted asylum (20,000).

    Who are you talking about the Africans? Filipinos? Chinese? Indians? Thai?

    1. To brand all of the above as idolators is straight ignorance.

    2. A couple of months ago.

    3. Nochrim have always lived in Eretz HaKodesh, Druze have even been granted status of Ger Toshav by some batei din.

    Show me where in the Torah it says goyim cannot work in Israel.

    This post and your attitude is steeped in racist sentiment, how is what your saying any different to what the Nazis said about yidden?

  8. B"H

    You are completely ignorant towards Judaism and I am asking myself why you read a usually haredi site. Are you one of those fanatic Christians who want to "learn" and are pro - Israel ?

    Comparing Israeli law to Nazism is simply sick !

  9. i only with the US govt would act decisively to deport illegals. because they dont and wont. and our self-hating prez BHO makes it hard on those who want to protect the border (see the lawsuit against the arizona law).

  10. B"H

    Israel could deport many more illegals including vicious Christian missionaries but doesn't. The present Netanyahu government received millions of Dollars from Evangelical missionaries and the foreign workers are mostly exploited as "cheap labour". Especially the Africans.

    Shop owners near the Central Bus Station hate the Africans, but, on the other hand, last Thursday I saw a bakery where only the owner was Israel and the workers were Africans. This was right across the Levinsky Park in HaShomron Street.

    Because of business, Netanyahu has no interest closing the border to Egypt where the Africans are streaming in on an every day basis.

    Last Friday afternoon, I took a friend to the area and we saw prostitutes, an young Israeli woman, apparently a drug addict, sitting in Finn Street being kissed by an African who probably exploits her for his purposes. A Flea Market in Finn Street which wasn't really a flea market but a garbage market. Africans selling cell phone parts and the day before, one of them was selling bikes. Probably stolen somewhere.

    The whole foreign worker area is a complete mess filled with drug addicts and prostitutes.

  11. How come you can't keep away from there then? If it's so disgusting?