Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gilad Shalit and the Israel Museum


I have been around today. In the morning I went to the tent demonstration in Gaza Street / Jerusalem where Avivah and Noam Shalit reside until their son Gilad is being freed. The parents of the kidnapped soldier where not there when I came but somewhere in a meeting. I spoke to a young woman who seemed to be the spokesperson and she told me that they will all stay there until Gilad is back. I asked her whether she is optimistic and she said that she woulnd't be there if she wasn't.

I took plenty of photos and even bought a T - shirt. Cost: A twenty Shekels (5 Dollar) donation.

Afterwards I went to the modernized and re - opened ISRAEL MUSEUM across the Knesset. 48 Shekels entrance fee for an adult (soldiers get free tickets) is a lot but the visit was worth the money. I was able to take pictures outside. For instance of the "Shrine of the Book" with the Dead Sea Scrolls as well as of the mini - model of the Second Temple and Jerusalem during the Temple times.

The museum was packed at 11am. What was missing were more seats and benches. The exhibitins were great and the museum added many more items to see.

However, I will put all details into the blogs tomorrow ! Before I am starting my long Shabbat weekend in Tel Aviv.

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