Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Eli Yishai versus Foreign Worker Children


The Israeli Minister of the Interior, Eli Yishai, is justifying his decision of deporting many children of Israel's foreign workers. I totally support Yishai and anyone who is so much in favour of the foreign workers should consider a few more issues and especially look into the future:

1. In case they and their kids stay and receive citizenship:
Thousands of foreign workers will then be on the dole.

2. What Israel gets is mainly uneducated people.

3. In case they receive citizenship:
Thousands of foreign workers will then ask their families to follow them to Israel. Our country will be flooded with people who have absolutely no busienss in Israel.

4. Just because the foreign worker children grow up speaking Hebrew doesn't make them to Israelis ! Israel's foreign workers have NO intention whatsoever integrating into society let alone convert to Judaism. All they are looking for is a better economical life in order to escape poverty in Africa, Thailand, China, Russia or the Philippines.

5. Importing more and more Gentiles is a spiritual danger to the State of Israel !

6. Those who are still in favour:
Why don't you move to south Tel Aviv or adopt a foreign worker into YOUR home ? Not only talking in favour of them but actually do something and accept them into YOUR own neighbourhood !

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