Tuesday, August 3, 2010

EMET (TRUTH) in Chassidut Gur


Many chassidic groups have chosen a special concept they particularly like to emphasize. For instance, in Satmar it is Chesed (kindness), in Vishnitz it is "Ahavat Israel" - the love to Eretz Israel in connection with the Torah - and in Gur (Yiddish: Ger) it is EMET (TRUTH).

I spoke to a Gerrer Chassid yesterday and asked him about the concept. What does it actually mean EMET ? To what kind of a TRUTH are they referring to ?

Besides from somebody not telling the truth, EMET has the following meaning:

A Gerrer Chassid (as every other Jew as well) should be honest and truthful with himself. If he wants to get closer to G - d, so he should do the approach in a serious truthful matter and not just do a little here and a little there. The concept of TRUTH stands for a sincere relationship with G - d and oneself searching for such a relationship.


  1. Satmar believes in chessed. That's why they throw stones at people driving on shabbos and burn trashcans in the street. Don't worry. They'll bring you hot soup in the hospital while you're recovering from a rock in the head or respitory complications from smoke inhalation.
    Viznitz believes in ahavas yisrael. Did you ever see them join the rest of klal yisrael unless their demands were met first. Small chassidic groups don't have a representative because viznitz [and the truthful gerrers] know that this right belongs to them.
    How does one do ahavas yisrael? kiruv? tzakka organizations that serve ALL of klal yisrael? I haven't seen Viznitz yet? They are more isolationist than others.
    Ger is truth. Yeah, like Pravda in Russia. They control HaModia newspaper. And since they know the real truth [to the exclusion of other gedolei yisrael] they control what goes in the paper. That's why we have yated. Because Rav Schach and the Steipler's truth didn't get a platform in hamodia. gerer truth demands walking around yerushalayim and telling chilonim to vote against Porush. That's truth to the nth degree.
    I don't think today's Ger would last 2 seconds next to their spiritual heir - the Kotzker Rebbe.
    Dream on!

  2. B"H

    Why should I dream on ? I described the ideologies of certain chassidic groups but I didn't say that everyone is a Zaddik.

    I hardly read the HaModiah and today you don't need the Gerrer opinion because there is Internet with enough haredi sites.

    Besides Satmar's stones, they actually do lots of Chesed. Just look at Rebbe Yoel Teitelbaum's wife Feiga. When anyone asked her for money, she pulled out her checkbook.

    Vishnitz' believe in Ahavat Israel is the love to Eretz Israel, as I said. This means leading a life according to the Torah in the Land of Israel.

    If you go to Bnei Brak, you will see that Vishnitz is not as isolated as you think. I wouldn't say so at all because they speak to me although I am not at all Vishnitz. There are groups much more isolated but not Vishnitz.

    Did you know, for instance, that the daughter of the Vishnitzer Knesset member Mozes wears pants, is a single mother and with Zipi Livni ? However, she keeps Shabbat and her family didn't throw her out of the house.

    Nevertheless, with the Kotzker Rebbe you are 100% right. Although they may argue that their founder was a student of the Kotzker or even his successor. The Izbitcher wouldn't agree to that.:-))))

  3. B"H

    I just spoke to a Vishnitzer Chassid about the concept of Ahavat Israel and it does actually mean that a Jew should love his fello Jew. However, as Vishnitz in Bnei Brak is split, the great love it not yet a sight.:-)

  4. What's the story with Ger hiding Mondrowitz all those years? Was this common knowledge? Was this the Rebbe's doing?

  5. B"H

    Why don't you ask the Rebbe himself ?

  6. I'm looking for some information. Perhaps you could provide it, as I don't know if this is merely a rumor or the real truth. I'll get a lot closer to you than I will the Rebbe.

  7. B"H

    It depends what you are looking for but I recommend reading Yitzchak Alfassi's books on Chassidut Gur. Alfassi himself is a Gerrer Chassid and has a Synagogue in Tel Aviv.

  8. which synagogue ? and where ?

  9. B"H

    Rabbi Dr. Yitzhak Alfassi was born in Tel Aviv in 1929. His father, Rabbi Israel Alfassi, was among the first industrialists in Tel Aviv and one of the most honored Gur Hasidim. Dr. Alfassi authored 78 books on the history of Hasidism, Zionism and Eretz Yisrael. He edited 178 journals, books and anthologies, and published 158 research papers on the history of Eretz Yisrael, 601 articles and 1148 biographies. Articles he wrote appear in both the Hebrew Encyclopedia and Encyclopedia Judaica. He served as an officer in the Israeli Army and was Chairman of the Cultural Committee of the General Staff. He also received seven awards, including the prestigious Prime Minister’s Award. Dr. Alfassi serves as the voluntary Rabbi at the Komemiyut Avraham Synangogue, which was founded by Chief Rabbi Rabbi Shlomo Goren, and delivers daily and weekly lectures. He is a Senior Lecturer at Bar Ilan University and also lectures at the Hashahar College in Tel Aviv. He is chairman of the Testing Committee for candidates who wish to convert to Judaism.

    The information is from here: