Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Daily Life in South Tel Aviv


Daniel Breslauer provided me with this LINK and in order to show you what is going on, I took the following pictures last Thursday afternoon. My trip took me around Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station including the streets / alleyways in the neighbourhood. Crime, foreign workers from Africa and the Philippines.
You think this is racism ? No, it is not but the daily life in Tel Aviv South.

Africans near Levinsky Street

Surprise: Many Synagogues can still be found in the area. I was wondering if they do have a Minyan because the areas is not too Jewish anymore. Elderly Jews are afraid to go to the Synagogue on Shabbat, as many of them have been cursed in the past by African foreign workers.

Run - down buildings

Every day, hundreds of foreign workers gather at the Levinsky Park right across the Central Bus Station. In the morning, African workers wait for Israeli employers to come by in a car in order to pick them up for odd jobs.

HaShomron / corner Solomon Street across the ruins of the Old Central Bus Station. The center of drunk Africans and I encountered such a group myself. Fortunately, I was on the other side of the road.

In Levinskly Street

Photos: Miriam Woelke

The plan of Tel Aviv's mayor Ron Chulda'i is turning the entire area of Neve She'anan into a yuppie center. He has already started kicking out the prostitutes and he sent some Africans to Arad or Lod. The inhabitants of Lod were very "excited" getting all the illegals, as Lod has plenty of other problems.
However, according to Ron Chulda'i "The Florentin neighbourhood, once run down, has turned into a flourishing neighbourhood and now it is the turn of the Central Bus Station area".

The municipality is looking for private investors in order to build a neighbourhood for the wealthy. Meaning crime and foreign workers have to leave. The question is "to where" because no one wants them.

Building for the rich near Levinsky Street.

Many Israeli shop owners located in the area gossip about foreign workers but when I looked around, I noticed that most furniture stores in Levinsky Street as well as a bakery across the Levinsky Park (in Shomron Street) almost only employ Africans. Inside the bakery, for instance, I saw Africans working and the Israeli owner told them what to do.

Israel's businesses have learnt quickly how to exploit the foreign workers. Hotels in Eilat or at the Dead Sea, restaurants in Tel Aviv. African workers are everywhere. Mowing grass, schlepping chairs at the beach, cleaning houses - you name it. Cheap labour without any rights and this is why our government doesn't bother to act. Every day, at least sixty more Africans are crossing the border from Egypt to Israel illegally and no one cares. Our Minister of the Interior, Eli Yishai (SHASS Party) said that about two million more Africans are ready to infiltrate into Israel !


  1. I think the sane residents of Israel should set up community patrols of groups of (armed) volunteers who will go out on the streets and keep order. At the first sign of illegal activity, the perpetrators should be detained with citizen's arrest and handed over to the police.

    Enough is enough. Israel must NOT be like the worst areas of France and Sweden!

  2. Mirraim, Is there any shul around the Sheraton Hotel in Tel Aviv. If yes, can you please post them. my preferance is a chasidish shul.

    Thank you

  3. B"H

    To the xtian sending me comments and favours foreigners in Israel in order for flooding the Jews:
    I won't publish comments from idiots who have nothing to do with Judaism !

    @ Daniel

    The Israeli difference in comparison to other countries is that we have to keep our Jewish heritage. Unfortunately, many secular Israelis don't think about that anymore.

    All those leftits favouring foreign workers don't live in South Tel Aviv but in nice ISRAELI neighbourhoods and would never accept a Sudanese into THEIR house.

    @ Anonymous

    If you mean the Sheraton at the beach:

    There are some shuls around. In Hayarkon Street is the GRA Synagogue, in Bugrashov Street is a, more or less, haredi Synagogue. But don't mix it up the the nearby conservative Synagogue.:-))))

    There is Chassidut Koznitz at Kikar HaMedinah (a bit further up north) but I have to find out the exact address.

    And there is Chabad near Shenkin Street and some Nana Breslovers.