Thursday, August 5, 2010

Zionism and Judaism


A thought from the book "The Transformation" - The Case of the NETUREI KARTA - by I. Domb:

… Are we (Jews) a people whose life is a regulated by a supernatural divine order, whose earthly and bodily existence are not dependent on normal political, economic and material success or failures ? A people whose raison d'être is wholly bound up with undefinable ways, with the Torah and its commandments which cannot be fully comprehended by earthly, human reasons ? Or are we a people which exists, rises and falls, in consequence of the very same factors, which cause all other nations to rise and fall, a nation like any other nation ?

Zionism is based on the very assumption, that we are indeed a nation like any other, but plagued with the curse of statelessness, for which political Zionism has found a "solution". This "solution" consists of the application of the same methods, as other peoples would adopt in similar circumstances, namely, the organization of all material sources of wealth and strength, the dissemination of propaganda, the siege of public opinion and the use of all worldly means with which to further its aim, to gain a place among the nations of the world.

According to them, nothing more is required by this Jewish Nation than by any other, and the greatest mistake committed in the past, lies in the fact that Jews have not striven for statehood, and have consequently not reached the goal attained by other nations. In brief, Zionism as a movement is the incarnation of the idea, that there is essentially no difference between the nature and aims, of the Jewish People and those of other people…


I. Domb wrote this in 1958, but when you look at the present situation in Israel, the words are very true. Also religious Zionists have to admit the truth in that statement regarding our government's understanding of Zionism.

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