Thursday, August 5, 2010

Let's get it straight !


This blog is a Jewish religious Orthodox blog run by someone (myself) Orthodox although I may have my personal struggles. Just as every other Jew too.

I used to study in a Litvishe seminary, went something off the derech but, for more than ten years, I am on my way back to somewhere. However, there are Jewish principles I have no doubt about. I live in a Jewish state called Israel; some of you may disagree that our country is a Jewish state.

I am not anti - Zionist but I do believe that the present State of Israel is not the Jewish main goal. Our main goal should be Meshiach and all the concepts stated in Talmud Sanhedrin or, among many others, by the Rambam (Maimonides, 1135 - 1204). Thus the democracy and the Knesset are temporarily because the Land was given to the Jews by G - d in order to live according to the Torah. Jews have a certain purpose in this world which we should fulfill. There is no escape anyway even if you are the most secular of leftist Jew. The Jewish soul is being judged differently by G - d than the one of a Gentile. Does this sound like rassism ? If the answer is yes, complain to G - d, to Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi (Chabad founder) and to hundreds of other Gedolim.

I think that it is important for a Jew to live in Israel although the country is not run according to Torah law.
Ups, Torah law ? This probably sounds to some people like IRAN and the MULLAHS ! Not at all and whoever knows Jewish history may look at the two Temple periods. Or did Moshe complain about living in "Iran" and loosing his personal freedom ?

Throughout history, the Jews have been always struggling for survival. Pogroms by the church, invaders, living in the Diaspora, anti - Semitism, you name it. Despite all attacks, we always remained ONE people. Thousands of Jews ran away from Judaism and are still doing so until today (e.g. Intermarriage). G - d said in the Torah that the Jewish nation will never completely vanish from this planet. We will always exist and somehow bring about Meshiach. We received the Land of Israel as one nation and should do anything to keep it Jewish.

I have nothing at all against Arabs living in Israel and I don't agree with Rabbi Me'ir Kahane to deport them all to Jordan or elsewhere. Who I do agree with is the present Knesset member Aryeh Eldad (Ichud HaLe'umi) who says that Palestinians may live in Israel but they need to recognize the Jewish state and be loyal to it.

Everyone is pointing at the Palestinians and all kinds of terror acts but let me briefly mention a second danger to the Jewish state:
Invading Christian missionaries and their millions of dollars. The Evangelists, for instance. Those people running pro - Israel websites but only for the Christian reason of bringing all the Jews to Israel and thus cause a schizophrenic second coming of a Jew who died on a cross. Especially when fanatic Christians come to Jerusalem and smile at Orthodox Jews with a Happy Clappy Face. And in those situations I do even prefer the Arabs.


  1. Although I do not agree with everything you said...


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    I am not forcing anyone to agree.:-))))