Monday, December 6, 2010

G - d, Meshiach and the fire catastrophe on the Carmel


One of the blog readers sent me this statement from the Breslover Rabbi Lazer Brody:


The Haifa Fire While the devastating forest fire on the outskirts of Haifa still blazes, a pointless national witch hunt is going on. Energies herewould be much better applied to soul-searching, teshuva, and learning emuna. We here at the Beams aren't going to participate of the finger-pointing festival. Nor shall we cry in lament like the secular media who says, "if we can't put out a forest fire, how can we defend ourselves?" We never did defend ourselves - it was Hashem that pulled us out of every fire; this is personal experience talking... We teach in the principles of emuna that everything Hashem does is forthe very best. Everyone asks, how can 42 losses of life and thousandsof acres of charred forests be for the best? The answer is in the following Midrash (Shir Hashirim 2:5, elaboratingon the passage, K'shoshana bane ha chuchim): Right before Moshiach comes, Hashem will burn the outskirts of Haifa.

I am not commenting this particular statement but will have a look into the Midrash myself. However, it is true that G - d decides whether Israel will win or loose and it is also Him fighting the wars for Israel !

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  1. איזה שטויות להביא את המדרש הזה, הרב הזה הוא טמבל, לא יודע מה עובר עליו, כוונת המדרש הוא שהשי"ת יעביר את הרוע מהעולם...