Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nittel Nacht


Tomorrow night, 24th December 2010 (17th Tevet), the Christian world starts celebrating the birth of the false Meshiach J. This particular night when J. was supposed to be born, Chassidim call "NITTEL NACHT - NITTEL NIGHT" and keep the custom of not studying Torah from approx. 7pm until midnight. The time when J. was born. See also the "Schulchan Aruch or the Chatam Sofer on this topic.

Most chassidic groups keep the custom of Nittel Nacht and many of them treat this matter very seriously. For instance, the Lubavitcher (Chabad) where the Chassidim play chess until midnight.

Kabbalistically speaking, the false Meshiach J. and his followers may gain special spiritual powers by our Torah studies - according to the 5th Lubavitcher Rebbe Shalom Dov Baer (Rashab), 1860 - 1920. The Rebbe said that we shouldn't waste our time when we don't study Torah but play chess. 

Nevertheless, not all chassidic group keep the "chess custom"; such as Vishnitz. However, chess is having a positive influence on our intellect similar to Torah study.


Details about Nittel Nacht and its history "Hirhurim".

Chabadnikim playing chass during Nittel Nacht. 

I spoke to a Chabad Rabbi and was told that the custom from refraining from Torah study even applies to Erev Shabbat. An interesting question, however, would be whether the cause may be an evil J. or rather the anti - Semite who, later on spread Christianity: The Apostle Paul.


  1. I disagree with the author of when he says: "To paraphrase the Chazon Ish, the customs of Nittel Nacht do not apply in a place (i.e. Israel and presumably others) where there is no reason to fear the Christians."

    He may not be aware of that, but, yes, Israel is a place where THERE ARE MANY reasons to fear the Christians. We have even missionaries in the Knesset.

  2. B"H

    Israel has become a huge Christian missionary territory. Just look at organizations like Nefesh be'Nefesh accepting millions of dollar donations from US Evangelical Christians who only follow one evil purpose: To destroy the Jewish nation in order to practise their idol - worship.

    There are missionaries in the Knesset. They even have their own office there: The Christian Allied Carcass (or called something similar). The wife of our deputy foreign minister, Mrs. Anne Ayalon, is a reborn Christian and Netanyahu himself is being supported with Christian money.

    Especially today and the entire next week, thousands of Christians will be around in Israel and spreading their idol - worship. Bringing impurity to Israel and we definitely have a need for Nittel Nacht !

  3. It only applies in Chutz L'Eretz where the Xtians rule over us. It doesnt apply in Muslim countries or Israel when its governed by Jews.

    Even though non Chassidic sources speak of this importance it is only kept by Chassidim. Non Chassidim scoff at this mostly as this small time of non torah learning cant be fathomed. What about the other hundreds of days of the year? ;-)

  4. B"H

    Nevertheless, there are quite a few Israeli Chassidim who take part in the Nittel Nacht. Not necessarily Lubavitch though ...