Monday, December 13, 2010

Who was the false Christian Meshiach J. ?


  • Fact is, that Joschke became one of the most famous Jews.
  • There is no proof whatsoever, that Herod killed the babies of Bethlehem. Not even Josephus wrote about this incident.
  • The four books John, Marc, Matthew and Luke tell different stories about J. The logical question is "Who is supposed to believe what ?"
  • Why did Joseph and Mary leave Nazeret (Nazareth) and settled in Bethlehem ? Traveling so many Kilometers when Mary was supposed to be pregnant. It could be that the inhabitants of Nazeret would have never accepted a woman not being pregnant from her husband or even pregnant before the marriage took place.
  • When G - d was the father of J. (or the holy spirit) then J. could not come from the House of David.
  • There are different years of his birth mentioned.
  • Historical fact is that after Herod died (approx. 4 B.C.), the time of the Meshichistim began. Everyone wanted to be Meshiach or, at least, saw him coming. In those days, riots began and the Jews rebelled against the Romans.
  • About 12 years after the crucifixion, a guy named "Todes" or "Todas" appeared on stage and claimed to be the Meshiach. He was a Bedouin and succeeded in convincing some Jews to believe him.
  • We have to consider that J. had the mentality of the Galilee and referred to the local fishermen. His sayings, however, where mostly from the Torah.
  • Years after the destruction of the Second Temple, we read in the Talmud that former famous Rabbis had caused miracles. Rabbi Chaninah ben Dosa (see Talmud Ta'anit 24b) or Rabbi Akivah who was learned in the secrets and methods of the practical Kabbalah.
  • It was relatively easy to find followers in the Galilee, as the inhabitants were mostly not too educated but farmers and fishermen. When J, arrived in Jerusalem, he met educated people and great Rabbis. Then his strange and illogical argumentation stopped working.
  • Who else should have known about J. being special but Mary ? However, she had absolutely no clue and J. didn't give her any honour when he met her later in life.
  • J. went to visit Nazeret, thaught in the local synagogue of the village but although people were impressed by his wisdom, they didn't see him as anything further because for them he was "J., the carpenter". Not even his own family believed him.
The Book of Marc was written between 66 - 68 by Yochanan - Marcus, a student of Peter. The Book of Matthew was written between 80 - 90 by one of the students of Matthew. The Book of Luke was written between 90 - 100 by Luke the Doctor, a student of Paul. It was Paul who gave the rules for the Christian believe. The Book of John was written down in the years 100 - 120.
  • The Apostles were supposed to teach the JEWS and no other nation at all.


  1. Excellent counter missionary materials here:

    Also, in the book of Mark 12:29-33 we see Yuskey teaching Shema and also words credited to Hillel.

  2. Very well written and in fact, in reading the Christian version of the Bible, even a kid who know a little Torah and the Tanakh can see by himself the stupidity and inaccuracies of that book full of bullshit (may Hashem forgive me for the use of that word, but I'm so angry to see that Jews continue to be seduced by that empty book).

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    There will be another part coming up this week !