Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Arabs against Jews in Zfat (Northern Israel)


At the moment, it seems rather quiet in Zfat (Safed) / northern Israel but the tensions are still around. Not only since the letter of those Rabbis who ban renting out property to Arabs, the subject of "Arabs moving into Jewish neighbourhoods" has been on top of the agenda. 

For instance, I can tell you about an incident happening in Tiberias just two days ago where Arabs went into a place, took out a knife and demanded Jewish girls. The owner of the place had a security camera and was about to call the police when the Arabs run away. FORCE - this is how to respond to Israeli Arabs and then they run as fast as they can !

A few times I have written about the tensions in the small town of Zfat who once used to be a completely Jewish place. Just look at all the great Kabbalists from the Middle Ages. Arabs have absolutely nothing to do in Zfat !


However, last week I made some photos in the area of the "famous" academy which claims that more Jews are studying there than Arabs. I am not so convinced because when you look at who is coming out and going in, you will be confronted with an Arab majority.

Above and below: The Jewish Academy in Zfat is, unfortunately, attracting too many Arabs from the northern area. Especially from the Arab villages nearby.

Just around the corner, in HA'ARI Street, we find a huge Chabad Yeshiva. The Yeshiva is located right across the dormitories of the Academy. Dormitories where mostly Arabs live and they turn on their loud Arab music. Especially on Erev Shabbat and obviously in order to disturb the religious neighbours. The Yeshiva students went over in order to complain but the Arabs just showed them the finger.

 Photos: Miriam Woelke

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