Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Parts of Zfat (Safed) without water supply


Gasoline instead of water ran out of the tubs and it seems that someone made a vital mistake and put the wrong liquid into the wrong pipe. The result is that the entire Canaan neighbourhood in Zfat (northern Israel) will be without any water supply for the next four days. Four days without taking a shower, cooking, washing, consuming any water. Only using water in the toilet is allowed.

The water pipes have to be cleaned out from the gasoline and this takes time. However, I heard that there are public water tanks in Canaan and people line up in order to receive fresh water. The whole incident is a disaster for families with children or the elderly. Those who have relatives or friends in other neighbourhoods go there in order to shower. There is nothing else anyone can do in the meantime but suffer through.

I am in Zfat today and the missing water supply in Canaan is not the only problem but the terrible cold weather. The town is located on a mountain and when I came from Tiberias this morning, I got a freezing shock while getting off the bus. The difference in temperature is unbelievable: Tiberias is only approx. 40 kilometers far away but, compared to Zfat, has a tropical climate.  

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