Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Every month: 2000 illegal Africans infiltrate into Israel

Africans and Philippinas - an ordinary day at the Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv.

Photo: Miriam Woelke


Every month, another 2000 illegal Africans stream into Israel. They settle in Eilat, the small Negev town Arad, in Ashdod and especially in Tel Aviv - South where they work illegally. Those who know the situation at Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station are nothing but disgusted. The area rather looks like the Philippines or Africa but not like Israel. 
2000 illegal Africans every month and Israel sees its Jewish identity in danger. Furthermore, most of those Africans are criminals and the Israeli police admits that the crime rate in Tel Aviv has risen drastically. Sudanese, Nigerians, Ghana, people from Eritrea or Kenia. You name it.

African drug dealers, pimps, thieves and even murderers. The Israeli neighbours are afraid to go out at night and at least two people have been killed. A Sudanese killed an elderly Israeli woman from Tel Aviv - South. Another illegal African killed his wife just a few months ago. Where ? In Tel Aviv - South. 

The police don't have the staff to deal with the new problems and the government is building a wall near the Egyptian border. However, every single day, the Africans keep on infiltrating into Israel via Egypt. Most Israelis have enough of the situation and want the illegals deported. No other country in the world is letting illegals settling and even providing their children with a citizenship. Lets take a daily Israeli example:
Almost every Philippina in this country either has at least one child or is pregnant because a child may give her the right to stay in the country. The same with the Africans.

Just recently, 150 Africans were deported back to their country of origin. Not only deported but our police asked for their permission. Moreover, those illegals received 400 - 500 dollar cash each. There goes our tax money. For a bunch of African illegal criminals. This is how our government spends our money. Can you imagine the United States doing so with the Mexican illegals ?

Israel has to maintain its Jewish identity and doesn't need thousands of Gentiles who have no interest in our country whatsoever besides money and social benefits. Escaping poverty is no excuse for endangering the Jewish state because we are no cheap and uneducated foreign legion.

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  1. this situation is so sad...i was in EY last fall and i could not believe what i saw around tel aviv tachana...its so changed so much in just 5 years!!!

  2. B"H

    The area around Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station has hardly ever been a nice place. When I first came to Israel in September 1987, I passed the area quite frequently because the bus to my Kibbutz was leaving from a street nearby. All the time I went to Tel Aviv for a daytrip, I got to know the area. In those days it was just dirty and a neglected drug and prostitution place. Later on, the first Romanian foreign workers came. Then the Philippinas and Chinsese.
    The Romaninas and Chinese foreign workers were deported but then the Africans started to stream in and with them came the worst situation ever. ILLEGAL Africans who no one asked to come to Israel settle in south Tel Aviv, take over, introduce their own African rules but DEMAND Israeli citizenship.
    Illegals entering a country as crminials but demand citizenship.