Saturday, December 4, 2010

How the photographer Roni Sofer saved three people from the Fire


The following TV report is in Hebrew only but still very interesting to watch.

The photographer RONI SOFER went to take pictures of the burning Carmel last Thursday. He describes how more and more flames were covering the road. He calls them "Walls of Fire".

Suddenly further fire fell onto the road and it was impossible to continue. Roni made a turn and saw the bus with the prison wards and two further cars coming behind him. He warned them and the two cars made a turn. One of the drivers (he is from Tiberias) is still missing.

The bus however didn't succeed to turn around. Roni overtook the bus and saw that it had caught fire. Three injured, a female and two male officers had escaped the bus, rn towards Roni and asked him to rescue them. They succeeded but the Haifa Police Chief Ahuva Tomer was caught in the fire and is still fighting for her life suffering from severe burns.

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