Monday, December 27, 2010

Israel is getting more Expensive


January 1st always brings about price changes; mostly to the worst. Israel is getting more expensive with the beginning of the upcoming year 2011. 

Bus fares are going to rise about 3%. A local bus ride in Tel Aviv has been 5,80 Shekels so far and will turn into 6 Shekels (on January 1, 2011). The next raise will be between April and June (in the Gush Dan area only).

Now a local bus fare in Jerusalem is 6,20 Shekels and today’s paper doesn’t provide any new figure. However, I assume that the raise may be up to 6,40 Shekels, at least. 

Furthermore, mobile phone rates are getting more expensive, as well as the private car insurance, the Arnona (not in Tiberias), flights abroad (at least 64 Dollar more), the interests on mortgages and gasoline for cars. 

Tiberias, at least, still has a reasonable bus fare rate: 2,60 Shekels one – way.

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