Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef and his Statements


When some Israelis go wild about certain statements made by the former Sephardic Chief Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef I can still understand it. As soon as Gentiles and Diaspora Jews (mainly Reform) start criticizing the Rabbi's statements I don't understand what they want. First of all, this is Israel and many of the Rabbi's statements only apply to Israel. 

In Israel, Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef is a character. A character with incredible political power and Netanyahu wouldn't dare to speak against him because the Sephardi SHASS party is part of his coalition. 

I don't necessarily criticize the conclusions of Rabbi Yosef. Sometimes they are even a bit amuzing (Shimon Peres is a donkey or moneky). What I do criticize is that the Rabbis makes his statements in public and is obviously not aware of the consequences. If he cares at all.

There are hundreds of thousands of Jews out there who don't know much about Torah let alone Talmud. Rabbi Yosef makes plenty of Talmudic statements and many of them are being misinterpreted.


"A man going between two women is a donkey".

This statement comes from the Talmud and usually religious men do not walk between women but around are on the side.  

Another example:

Holocaust victims were souls who had to undergo a Tikun (soul rectification).
I am sure that Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef was referring to the EREV RAV, a subject I haven't written about too much. At least so far. 
The EREV RAV are a Torah -, Talmud and Kabbalah concept and not easy to explain at all. Created souls, even before the creation of the world who have to undergo Tikkunim and be rectified. Many times they have been reincarnated into different generations but often those generations failed to rectify them and caused even more damage to the soul. 

Basically Rabbi Yosef doesn't say anything wrong but the mistake may be the way he makes it public. He takes a concept and everyone hears it on the radio. But not everyone does understand the meaning behind it and the result are rumours. 
Another mistake seems to be that the Rabbi makes claims but doesn't have a proof. He doesn't know for sure about the origin of the Shoah victims or has he ever spoken to G - d ? 

G - d alone created the entire universe and anything existing. It is Him deciding what is happening and most of the times, we have no clue about why something happened. Why did this happen to me or to someone else ? We don't see the entire picture but only a small part of it and, of course, we are concerned about our own well being. But what if something isn't to good for us and G - d is trying to prevent us from a mistake ? Do we realize it or are just unhappy because we don't succeed with something ?

Regarding the fire on the Carmel: There surely is a reason why it happened. Why people had to die and why houses were destroyed. We all should ask ourselves what is going wrong with us.

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