Sunday, December 19, 2010

How do I become a member of Chassidut TOLDOT AHARON ?


When I am in my extreme mood, then I cannot stop loving the extreme. At that moment, I am willing to do anything and I am convincing myself that I just have to nullify my own will. Not being so terribly selfish and individualistic anymore but, instead, start doing something for a team or community.

I am not Ruth Blau ending up in total Mea Shearim attraction but whoever enters Mea Shearim as a newcomer does feel a special fascination. Last Shabbat I had been invited at friends and took a friend of mine with me to the meals. In Batei Hungarin we got the usual lecture against using the Internet (my chassidic hosts called it "Interchet"), against running (Chas veChalilah) over to the national religious and that I should finally make up my whatever religious mind. Afterwards my friend and I walked through the neighbourhood searching for Tishes. The Mishkenot HaRoim were on but the Ezrat Nashim was used by men. The Shomrei Emunim weren't on and we didn't see any singing and shaking Toldot Avraham Yitzchak Synagogue. The only Tish we found was in Chassidut Toldot Aharon.

I have to say that I find the present Ezrat Nashim anything but attractive. The part in the new building I don't like at all. Only TA girls on the second floor squeezing their faces onto the Mechitza. I heard that the adult women are on the thirsd floor but we couldn't find anything. My friend and me were running up and down and the only thing we found were men's toilets near the Ezrat Nashim. 

We left the new building and walked around through the Toldot Aharon backyard. How much I miss this old entrance and the former Ezrat Nashim ! The back part of it is now closed and plenty of women and girls were trying to climb onto the metal benches. We just had a brief glimpse downstairs. Rebbe David Kahn was eating his chicken soup and we started to regret why we hadn't shown up earlier. 
The Toldot Aharon Rebbitzen usually arrives later and thus we didn't see her.

Later on we walked through the Mea Shearim market and I asked my friend whether I would fit into the Toldot Aharon. On condition that I would perfectly behave and dress properly. 
"No", so the fast response of my friend. I would not fit in !
"Why not ? I can behave ?"
"You are too stubborn and not a group person at all. You are too individualistic and won't listen to everything the Rebbe decides !"

This is very true and realistically speaking I couldn't join for more than two weeks. However, I don't think that every Toldot Aharon woman is completely following anything within the group. There must be some individualists like me. Sometimes you even recognize them by the way they dress. Not rebelllious but different. I have seen quite a few women leaving their groups (Gur, Satmar, Litvishe, Chabad or even national religious) but I have never met a woman who left the Toldot Aharon. Nevertheless, once I met a runaway from the Toldot Avraham Yitzchak but this girl may be, more or less, back in the fold.

Next time I am going to the TA Tish, I will still keep on dreaming. Dreaming but suddenly turn into a group person.:-)



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