Friday, December 31, 2010

Simply Zfat

The chassidic Breslov band "Simply Zfat" from Zfat.

With the beginning of next week, I am going to write about our present seminar at the Chabad hostel ASCENT (in Zfat) on nutrition according to the Rambam.

We have just finished out tour through the old city where Rabbi Big Mo took us to the Ashkenazi ARI, the Kossov and the Abuhav Synagogue. 

A great Shabbat to all of you from the holy city of Zfat !


  1. Pity the "band" (read "pop group") is only yet another group. Do no Jews listen to serious music? the words they use might be religious enough but the music is just the usual unsophisticated children's music -ie. noise.

  2. B"H

    I have heard the band live and they play music for the soul. Maybe the video didn't come out too good but Simply Zfat are very good and even travel abroad in order to give concerts.

  3. Miriam - don't drink the Kool-Aid!

  4. B"H

    I am not becoming the biggest fan neither am I going to freak because I saw SIMPLY ZFAT. However, they are good and why not recommend them. Everyone is free to make up his own mind !

  5. Actually, I meant don't drink the Kool-Aid provided by the Ascent Centre's brand of "spirituality"! They are Chabad fundies be'taam hippie.

  6. B"H

    Meshichisten, but not hippie - like. :-)))))