Saturday, December 4, 2010

News Update: Two Minors arrested and a new fire near Jerusalem


Most fingers are pointing at Israel's Minister of the Interior, Eli Yishai (Sephardi - haredi SHASS Party). Yishai and his party keep on demanding money for Yeshivot but totally ignore the rest of the population. For instance, the litvishe MIR Yeshiva and Jerusalem received a government budget of 50 million Shekels (approx. 13 million Dollar). All kinds of Israeli website reported this news about two weeks ago and I was asking myself for what the MIR Yeshiva needs such a budget. The highest budget in the country and more than any education programme, sports club or culture institutions. Fifty million Shekels for some guys sitting around the whole day and who have no interest in the State of Israel ?

People are now asking why Yeshivot receive such a high budget and the fire department doesn't. If it had been the other way around, the fire catastrophe on Mount Carmel could have been avoided. It makes people angry when a bunch of guys from a closed society who don't contribute anything to the country receive the highest budget. I may sound like a secular but the truth is, it is a disgrace that everybody else in this country has to get along with less money than the MIR Yeshiva.

About twenty planes were throwing water and chemicals into the flames in order to get the fire under control. Even planes from Turkey. A huge Russian plane was appreciated and admired most. 12,000 Liter water can be stored inside this gigantic Russian plane but what we really need is American and maybe Canadian experience.

Inhabitants of certain villages on the Carmel are allowed to return to their homes. However, Kibbutz Beit Oren and the artists village Ein Hod were suffering a lot and houses were destroyed by the fire.

Two minors from the Druse village Osfiya got arrested. Originally the fire started near Osfiya and reports state that the minors were neglecting a lit fire. However, many fires were lit in the area. Mostly by Arabs in order to cause a bigger fire. The same happened near Jerusalem today.

Terrorist leader Hassan Nasrallah was celebrating the fourty dead prison wards and a Palestinian village was celebrating as well.

Now the planes have stopped working until tomorrow morning. Darkness has come and thus the planes are unable to fly.

The fire is still not under control but the fire department is optimistic.


  1. I think to say the guys in the Mir are just sitting around all day is a slight insult to Torah - considering it's meant to be a "Jewish state" it would be nice to send some money to Jewish life and not just to the Jew's trying to impersonate goyim....

    Funny that people think Mir boys has no interest in the state - I was listening to a chassidisher bochur in the Mir telling people how its a MITZVAH to vote in the state elections.

  2. B"H

    I don't think that MIR alone has the right to receive the highest budget in this country. More than any school, any library or any anything. And where was MIR when the people in the north needed help ?

    The more important question is:
    Where was Eli Yishai on Shabbat when the north was burning ?

    Especially the Maccabim show us to ACT and not only to sit ! This is what Chanukkah is all about.