Friday, December 3, 2010

The small daily Miracles


The radio channel "Radio Kol Rega" asked for miracles in our times. However, this didn't happen in connection with the disastrous fire around Haifa but rather in general. The woman answering the radio's question live gave anything but the expected answer. It is Chanukkah and the radio speaker obviously expected something referring to the holiday. Nevertheless, the answer had nothing to do with Chanukkah.

Miracles don't always have to be those big miracles caused by G - d but we are also responsible for our own tiny miracles in life. It is already considered a miracle when someone has the strength to change his life. Not only complaining about the present life and dreaming about a change but actively causing a change.

How many times are we stuck into our daily rat trap and would love to escape and start something new. We keep on dreaming but are too afraid to give up our secure life in order to jump into any cold water. If we do, this is considered to be a miracle.

I found this answer quite an amazing although it may not be in such a religious sense. However, the bottom line is that we have to act and move our behinds in order to cause a change and don't keep on sitting around complaining and not moving to anywhere.

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