Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Breslover Nana - Chassidim celebrating Israel's Independence


As every year on Independence Eve (Erev Yom Ha'azma'ut), the freaky Breslover Na Nana Nachma Nachman - Chassidim drove through Tel Aviv's secular Dizengoff Street. The Chassidim stopped their van in the middle of the street and started dancing and jumping. 

Here some of the photos I made:

Photos: Miriam Woelke


  1. With a mixed crowd (you can see women dancing), rejoicing with dance and music, all this during the Sefirah period! No wonder why they are not recognized as being "chassidim" by the mainstream Breslovers.

    They may be "disciples" of Rebbe Nachman, but they have definitely nothing to do with chassidus.

  2. I wish I could see them. They always bring a smile. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  3. B"H

    I have further pictures and it shows more dancing and more women participating. However, the Breslovers themselves do NOT refer to those women and dance with them. They dance with the guys only.

    What many women don't know is that you just don't start dancing when you hear music and Chassidim are around.

    The Breslovers came, the music was on full volume, some secular male bystanders joined and suddenly the women started dancing as well. They didn't know and this applies to female Jews and female Gentiles standing around.

    Nevertheless, it did bother me as well. On the other hand, is was nice seeing some religious guys doing their thing on Erev Yom Ha'azma'ut.

  4. "However, the Breslovers themselves do NOT refer to those women and dance with them. They dance with the guys only." It changes nothing. Women dancing among men is a disgrace and a complete lack of tznius, because the simple fact that they can be seen dancing and jumping (moreover with untzniusdike clothes, by the way), they attract the gaze of men.

    I wonder if those pseudo-chassidim have a mashpia or a rabbi. They make people happy, Okay, but the end does not justify the means.

  5. Anytime I have seen the NaNachs, all I have seen is them bringing joy to everyone.

    Happiness is important!

  6. B"H we merited to see Nanach on your site, keep up the good work! Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman is the song of redemption, so if you want to get us out of this bitter exile keep up the Nanach!

    If you have problems with women dancing, than C"V you have problems with the holy Torah which relates that the women, even when they were still in Egypt, anticipated the great festivities and celebration, music and dancing, that would take place, and did take place led by the Prophetess Miriam! Figure that there were a few million women and then figure what type of mechitza would be necessary... So you'll say, hey the men were busy dancing - well take that for an answer - that's exactly what you should be doing!
    We also find in Chazal that twice a year all the single women would dance, and thus would be on display for selection by their desired match.
    If you have contention that the women aren't modestly attired, that's what is going on in the streets today, and the only way to get people to start being more modest, to the standards of the ultra-modest Nanach women, is by getting them out of the dire depression and injecting them with the tremendous joy of Rabbainu Nanach, the rest of the rehabilitation will follow automatically.
    That being said, it is true that Nanach women would not dance publicly, however they wouldn't either be circulating immodestly in the public. So if the women are out there, and they are in the terrible predicament that is for them and for the men that anyway have to deal with them, then dancing Nanach is definitely one of the best things that could happen.
    Shlomo Carlbach OBM asked R' Moshe Feinstien if he could make a concert the day before Tisha BiAv, R' Moshe told him if you don't make the concert they won't even know that there ever was a Temple, if you make it not only will they know, they will have some sense of it's importance and it's loss. Here too, if the women are dancing Nanach, at least they are entering the consciousness that H"Y created the world and gave us a True Tzadik that can help us get back on our feet. Without the Nanach, C"V ... may the Heavenly Merciful One God have great compassion....
    Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

  7. In Torah 8 in likutte mohoran part 2 the last teaching from Rebbe NACHMAN talks about the shir chadash and 67 part two shows that it's in the name of the tzadik and the importance of spreading the name of the tzadik in the lowest / darkest places...and spreading the seforim... The real breslover chassidim are the ones who follow what Rebbe NACHMAN said? Also if someone was woken up to simcha/ teshuva by dancing with the nanachs don't you think hed wanna to the same to help the yidden that are in the place he used to be? Na nach nachma NACHMAN meumon

  8. Well obviously KIRUV ACTIVITIES are not meant for people like you who are too-frum-for-school. What - they shouldnt do kiruv/hafatza during sefira? You see people violating halakha, others see people saving lives. If you knew but a DROP of the power and benefit in Rebbe Nachman's teachings. You are entitled to your opinions, but the results speak for themselves. When the Nanachs bring your kids back to teshuva after youve finished turning them off from frumkeit with your critical negativity, you may have a brighter opinion of them.

  9. Any way you look at Nanachs are doing a great job. The women dancing in public does not bother me at all. My grandfather was a Breslever from Europe back in the 1800's, and I don't know what he would say about it. Since Rebbe Nachman himself suggested not taking stringency to insanity, if everyone no matter who they are is happy in this world of turmoil, that's the exact purpose. Nanachs bring joy to everyone, every place they go, and that itself is great.