Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sarah Einfeld on "Wearing a Skirt"


The GUR runaway Sarah Einfeld sent me a link to her latest article on the secular Israeli news site YNET:

The text is in HEBREW only but I put the whole articles through Google and this is what came out in English:

Sarah Einfeld (see photo left) writes:

We sat in long rows. I'm friendly classroom, seminar building.

Pale faces, no views, templates informed and heavy limbs. Prayer, the rate, the rate of a giggle. Social Josepha Le tried to swing really hard in prayer. Strongest. She grimaced and put them in suits in Serial Machtam with tears. You could see clearly that even Matchmaker did not miss the heart rending scene has a term price Prepare meeting, Kingfisher on Stander wormy, wigs dancing mischievously at the thought of the wonderful house of Torah together with Joseph, it justified a woman of valor.

Dear jury, how about underwear?

Lesson, the teacher, tenderness on her face, tells us: "Dear girls. Have any job in the world. Be a woman follower. That supports and encourages a woman gives birth, spiritual and hired these worldly things will be very high in the sky! (Maod! What else! added the teacher, but I ages .)

So, I'm sure you all will be built, so loud that the role of wife and mother and respected in Israel, does not pass in silence, and now here, has been dancing here in the devil, when he sees you, so modest and kindness, but short enough not wigs. Girls expensive. Short wig is not narrow! Little wig - happy here! Shows long? Alas, A - Welcome! Natural wig? Look terrifying! Attractive design? Lion bites! Compatible internal basis scalp? You burn in hell!

And on and on favorite teacher said. Increased by moving it, I was called to the principal charges of very bitter which I've not Abcdyia. "Your socks do not match the policy seminar," she said.

"But then they write" I quoted: "40 Daner Abeim, cover the knee, hazy sky brown color and not taste rains, long hairs below as required."

"They do not", she told me. "For you 40 Daner is not good enough. That you have legs like minutes."

Degree minute legs, long thick texture color form sufficient flexibility clothes, appearance sync with policies along with the legendary law, are those associated with the majority of my childhood, a relentless pursuit. Most of my grace rash, I've spent on clothes. How I dress. What about what, how long and what, what's better than what bother the teacher, what yards the manager, what would be glad to matchmakers.

Of course, every comma clothing had its own significance. Too long skirt was also not accepted by the best man in my town clergy flowers law, because it is reminiscent of the National Service girls, Phew. Cloth handkerchief to cover their head and reminds Spanish Phew, red costume reminds them of blueberries, Phew. I knew I knew the son, more clothes that match the requirements, so I better justify more than worth living at all.

Recently I received a reprimand from a legal nice, surprisingly, rather female, who told me self-righteous tone (while wearing a pair of black trousers and wonderful sight) - why not send the child to a religious school like her father wanted? (He came to see her about 3 times a year or so and it is not so) so what? Wear a skirt to receive it! What's so bad about that?

Well, what's bad? She would not let me reply, so I'll do it here.

What's bad? Terrible to think I gave birth Atathanach evaluate people by their clothing. Slbegied imagine any mad at my child will be particularly important, than the love of others or the values ​​of companies. That you tag people as equals less than because they pants, she saw her mother (the I) trying to curry favor with the school, not by content or values, or because the occupying personality (and I have one, check out this), but, by wearing a special skirt. As if to say our house we do not something like that, troubled, for you we make a big show of the better people wearing a skirt, as we all know immediately changes the brain structure and thinking person's mind, graduate, consider responsible for the educated.

So they have my skirt a little more probably they will be in his underwear. It probably will not calm down. I am ashamed that these are the general topic of conversation and in court! Felt a deep contempt for all who claim to represent the interests of the child "instead of atoning this country where a child goes to sleep crying at night because her father had to come and come, legal experts dealing with far-reaching and important questions to the death of floral skirts and saddle taxes.

This entry probably will not my big makeover. But it's the real story. Small, composed of scraps of fabric skirts, small smiles of cornflakes with milk spilled on the carpet and left a sour smell of the soft morning air. I? Just sit quietly and write bits of pieces of madness trying to send the holy provinces intrusive hands of life.

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  1. she's so pretty !!
    i wanna a shiduch with sarah !! lol

  2. B"H

    This is typical MAN: Always looking at the outside.:-))))

    By the way, Sarah has been together with her present boyfriend, a Sephardi Litvishe runaway, for quite a while now.

  3. What I don't understand is why Sarah continues to write so negatively about the community she once belonged to but yet seems to not have moved on from?

  4. B"H

    Maybe it is her way to get over her bad experiences in Gur. Or it could be that she wants to remain famous and make some money out of it. However, it is basically always the same she writes and even those secular Tel Aviv Jews, I had forwarded Sarah's article, weren't too excited anymore.

  5. Quite frankly I find Sarah's blog to be a Chillul Hashem.

    What good will it bring? As complex as the Charedi world can be. Not all women feel oppressed.

    Many will remark on the differences between Charedim in EY to those here in the Diaspora.

    You will find many of us quite educated and yet quite content with our lives.

    What saddens me the most is when individuals whom will read blogs such as Sarah's will then assume this is how all Charedi women feel.

    This is the only insight they have into our community. That and any negative press Haaretz and Ynet can churn out.

  6. B"H

    When I spoke to her a year ago, I noticed that she herself doesn't know the background male Gerrer Chassidim know. Sarah knows what women are taught in Gur and, therefore, doesn't have a deeper insight. Example: The TAKANOT.

    Only recently I met a psychology student in Tel Aviv and she told me that Sarah Einfeld came to their class at the Tel Aviv University and gave a lecture about her life.

    The students were very impressed but, you are right, when people don't know they think that the entire haredi society works like that.

    What I did was telling this particular student other facts as well.