Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jewish Orthodoxy and the Holocaust, Part 1


Until today, Israel’s haredi society hasn’t dealt too much with the Holocaust. Only recently, various Haredim have started talking about their experiences in the Shoah. Although hundreds of thousands of Haredim have vanished in the Holocaust, the Ultra – Orthodox look at the organized German mass murder from a totally different perspective. Generations of potential Talmidim Chachamim (talented Torah students) have been lost. Not only six million Jews but additionally their potential children and grandchildren. Generations and not one individual.

Secular Jews including Jerusalem’s Holocaust Museum Yad Vashem have widely ignored the haredi view on the Holocaust. You won’t find mentioned in any exhibition that the Haredim have tried to learn a lesson from the Shoah. Nothing in this world is happening without G – d’s approval and our task is learning a lesson and perfect ourselves. No human being knows the reason why the Holocaust had to take place. Maybe in order to pave the way for the foundation of the State of Israel. No one has an answer but only G – d.

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